Greek Isles & Turkey 5-Star Cruise

for 7 nights

Experience the Celebrity Cruise luxury on this 7-night cruise from Athens through the wonderful Greek Isles and Turkey onboard 5-Star Celebrity Infinity.

What's Included
  • Flight from Dublin to Athens
  • Transfer from airport to Port in Piraeus
  • 7 nights onboard the 5-Star Celebrity Infinity, based on 2 sharing
  • Award-winning cuisine on a full board basis
  • Spectacular day and evening entertainment
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Flight from Athens to Dublin
  • 1 check-in bag of 20kgs per person
  • Taxes and charges

Set sail from Piraeus, the local port to the Greek capital city Athens and into the Aegean Sea. Your first port of call is the iconic Greek Isle of Santorini before you cruise to Turkey to visit Kusadasi close to the ancient ruins of Ephesus. Your Greek Island hopping continues as you visit Rhodes, Mykonos, and Hydra before you return to Athens.

Celebrity Infinity

A proud member of our Millennium Class, Celebrity Infinity will take you sailing in style to both South America and Northern Europe.

Put simply, Celebrity Infinity is the trendiest hot spot at sea. This star of the Millennium Class shines even brighter thanks to her recent grand makeover. Expect gleaming new staterooms, enhanced public areas and freshness at the highest levels – literally – on the chic Rooftop Terrace. It’s home to A Taste of Film, where you can cosy down and catch an al fresco movie in intimate, comfortable surroundings. Grab yourself some themed drinks and snacks, and enjoy a show under the stars!

When you’re not onshore exploring exciting destinations, use your cruise on Celebrity Infinity to discover new culinary experiences. The cosy, rustic Tuscan Grille restaurant is the ultimate place for fresh pastas, dry-aged steaks and Italian cocktails.

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Celebrity Cruise Lines
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15 Jun 2024 Inside €1419 Book Now
15 Jun 2024 Oceanview €1819 Book Now
15 Jun 2024 Balcony €2429 Book Now
27 Jul 2024 Inside €1409 Book Now
27 Jul 2024 Oceanview €1589 Book Now
27 Jul 2024 Balcony €2079 Book Now
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Booking Remarks
Inclusive of taxes and service charges as indicated
Full payment due at time of booking
Optional Insurance available (call for details)
Single supplement may be available on request
These prices are guidelines only and are subject to change and availability. Pricing will be confirmed at time of booking.
Day 1

Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Following your flight, you will be transferred to the port to join your 5-Star cruise ship, the Celebrity Infinity.

Day 2

At Sea

Day 3

Santorini, Greece

Did the catastrophic volcanic eruption that ravaged Santorini circa 1600 B.C. destroy Crete’s ancient Minoan civilization – and give birth to the myth of Atlantis? In 1967, archaeologists on Santorini unearthed the remains of a Bronze Age city that may have been home to as many as 30,000 people. Whether the Lost Continent of Atlantis is rooted in myth or reality, an undisputed fact remains. The eruption created a caldera – and one of the most dramatic land and seascapes in the entire Mediterranean. On Santorini, whitewashed buildings cling to vertiginous cliffs that plunge to a turquoise sea. Part of the Cyclades Archipelago, the three-island group of Santorini, Thirasia and uninhabited Aspronisi present the traveler with unforgettable vistas. The island has had a number of names throughout history – from Strongyle or “Round” to Thera in honor of an ancient hero. Santorini is more recent and stems from the island church dedicated to St. Irene – Santa Rini to foreign sailors. Note: Santorini is an anchorage port: passengers transfer to shore via shore tender.

Day 4

Kusadasi, Turkey

From the port of Kusadasi on Turkey’s Anatolian Coast, one travels into the past. Nearby stand the ruins of ancient Ephesus, a major site of archeological excavation. The city was once a Roman provincial capital and trading center. Ephesus is also home to several of Christendom’s holiest sites. St. Paul preached at the Great Theater and the ruins of Ephesus’ Basilica cover the tomb of Christ’s most beloved disciple, St. John the Apostle.

In Kusadasi, whitewashed stone houses rise in tiers behind the market district. The palm-lined esplanade is the center of town life, with thousands of merchants offering wares to rival the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Day 5

Rhodes, Greece

The island of Rhodes is just waiting for you when your cruise takes you to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Its northernmost headland is straddled by Rhodes Town, by far the largest town on the island, in full view of Turkey less than 20km north.

The ancient city that occupied this site, laid out during the fifth century BC by Hippodamos of Miletos, was almost twice the size of its modern counterpart, and at over 100,000 held more than double its population. While the fortified enclave now known as the Old Town is of more recent construction, created by the Knights Hospitaller in the fourteenth century, it’s one of the finest medieval walled cities you could ever hope to see.

A Mediterranean cruise excursion to Rhodes will recall one of the lost Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Colossus, an ancient statue of Apollo erected to commemorate the 305 BC siege, which supposedly straddled the entrance to Mandhráki harbour.

Day 6

Mykonos, Greece

Thanks to its proximity to the mainland, Mykonos was one of the first Greek islands to become an international travel destination. During the late ’60s and early ’70s, Mykonos was famed as a haunt for the rich. The island’s nightlife – then and now – was a glittering whirl of colored lights, music, and parties. But there’s another side to Mykonos – the neighboring island of Delos. In classical mythology, Delos was the birthplace of Apollo and his twin sister Artemis. Travelers to Delos can stroll among the island’s vast ruins, which include three temples consecrated to the Sun God and the famed Lions Walk. Mykonos town features hip boutiques, restaurants, jewelry stores, souvenirs, taverns and cafés. The island’s famed windmills are found just south of the waterfront.

Day 7

Hydra, Greece

When you disembark at the picture-perfect, crescent-shaped harbour on your Hydra cruise, the first thing you’ll notice is the serenity and intense quiet. Cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles are not permitted on the island, making it an ideal setting for quiet relaxation and peaceful respite during a European cruise. Make no mistake—quiet is by no means boring. The island’s romantic and rustic beauty regularly attracts celebrities, artists, and writers. Twice each year, the Hydra Nautical Club hosts regattas that bring sailboats and yachts to the harbour and add an extra touch of glamour to the island. Each summer, the DESTE Foundation hosts a series of contemporary art exhibitions, including a special exhibition by an artist or team.

On a cruise to Hydra, you can’t help but be captivated by its natural beauty, like its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters quietly lapping at the shores, and the Peloponnese Mountains as a constant backdrop. As you walk Hydra Town, you’ll be charmed by streets lined with bougainvillaea, the neoclassical architecture of old manor houses and mansions, and churches both humble and ornate.

Day 8

Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Following your departure from the Infinity, you will be transferred to the airport to catch your flight home to Dublin.

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