Government License Travel Escapes

Travel Escapes are licensed by CAR as a Travel Agent license number TA 0348

When you use an Irish licensed Travel Agent or Tour Operator, you are using a company that is regulated by the Commission for Aviation Regulator which ensures that your money is secure and protected. 

If you use an unlicensed travel provider and run into trouble, you’re out of luck and you are not protected.

A licensed Travel Agent or Tour Operator is required to display their license at their place of business and on their website and must produce this license upon request.

According to the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) here are the benefits of booking with a licensed Travel Agent

“ITAA member travel agents offer their clients a high level of expert advice regarding destinations, transport, accommodation and transfers, tailored to the consumer’s specific needs and requirements. Booking with an ITAA member travel agent also guarantees a wide range of choice in terms of airlines, tour operators and suppliers.”

ITAA 24 August 2021

The ITAA also highlight the following benefits:


  • Travel Agent = Travel Expert
  • Travel agents can find you the best deals through their network
  • Booking with a professional is convenient and saves time
  • You can talk to your travel agent in-store, by phone or online
  • Travel professionals can help with the unexpected and amend travel plans
  • No one knows more about travel documents (passports, insurance, visas)
  • Travel agents can create bespoke packages to suit you
  • Corporate travel professionals make travelling for business easy and supported
  • They can do all the work from flights, accommodation, travel documents, transfers, visas

Travel Escapes are proud members of the ITAA. Alan Lynch our Founder and Managing Director is a Board Member of the association