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Northern Europe shows Street Scape of Stockholm Sweden
Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland), Iceland, Baltic States Tours (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), UK, Ireland
Southern Europe shows Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul
Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Balkan (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo), Malta
Eastern Europe Shows Square in Krakow with people and colourful Horse carriages
Poland, Romania, Bulgaria
Western Europe shows Belem Tower Lisbon, set against a colourful sky at dusk
France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, North Africa, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
Central Europe Shows Vienna's Spanish Riding school with horses and riders
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Opera, Ballet, Music & Art . Ballet Dancer
Opera, Ballet, Music and Art Tours
A band of soldiers in the sunset marching across a field. TravelEscapes
Battlefield Tours featuring WW1 and WW2 Tours
Mount-Rushmore in America
Canada, USA and South America
A hand holding a glass disc looking at a city in Morocco. TravelEscapes
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As winners of the Best Touring Agent in 2023, at the ITTN awards in November ’23, we, at Travel Escapes, take pride in offering unforgettable travel experiences through our selection of Escorted and Guided holidays. Being based in Ireland, we understand the importance of grasping our client’s preferences and the differences between two popular options: Escorted Tours and Guided Holidays. While both promise enriching journeys, they have unique approaches, providing specific advantages for travellers seeking distinct adventures.

Escorted Tours: An Escorted Tour is a comprehensive travel package where a professional tour manager accompanies the group throughout the entire journey. These tours are carefully planned, providing a hassle-free experience for travellers who prefer a structured itinerary. Our clients often appreciate the convenience of having a knowledgeable guide managing logistics, ensuring smooth transitions between destinations, and handling any unforeseen challenges. Additionally, these tours are usually enhanced by the presence of local professional guides, offering a deeper insight into their country.

Guided Holidays: On the other hand, a Guided Holiday takes a more flexible approach, combining the convenience of a local guide with the freedom for individual exploration. This option caters to travellers who enjoy a balance between organized activities and personal discovery. Guided Holidays are also sometimes known as Semi-Escorted Tours.